About Us


ExecuMask started as a vision for business executives who not only value their sense of style but also their unique expression when it comes to face apparel.  But as the concept started to manifest itself we realized this was much bigger than just executives.  Who wants to look like everyone else on a daily basis, especially in an executive business setting?  ExecuMask is about making a statement that says you live with purpose, can still be socially responsible of your surroundings while still be unique, confident and dominant in any setting.

Jamion L. Berry, the creator of ExecuMask, was a 20-year corporate executive who valued fashionable expression in executive settings.  A lover of men’s executive fashion and pocket square accents inspired the foundation for ExecuMask.  “Our goal is to not only provide more options for our communities to be safe socially but also to embrace their uniqueness when it comes to face apparel fashion.”  ExecuMask was founded in the Spring of 2020 and is a minority owned business based in Chicago, IL.  All ExecuMask products are made in the USA.

Each mask has a triple pleated front and back with a combination of chiffon/spandex filtering system atop custom fabrics that are one of a kind.  An added wire-nose system provides a custom yet secure fit supported by elastic ear straps.  With matching pocket square and mask sets starting as low as $40/set, ExecuMask materials are completely washable and durable.  For extended life of our products we highly recommend that both mask and pocket square are washed by hand, air dried and then ironed using low to medium heat.  These are not to be used as daily wearers but to become a part of your executive wardrobe typical to any standard pocket square. 

 This is just the beginning of our journey in custom face apparel with a long-term vision to expand into more executive, unisex offerings in the upcoming months.  Come be a part of something unique, classy and yet executive, ExecuMask.